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Nerf gun

Nerf+Dude Perfect

As brand ambassadors for Nerf, Dude Perfect shows off the latest blasters and sports products through a series of online videos. Dude Perfect has also starred in 3 years worth of “Nerf Perfect” television commercials!

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 3,816 Darts Fired
It’s been incredible working with the Dude Perfect team to develop engaging and exciting content for NERF Nation to enjoy. Their positive attitude, amazing teamwork, and next-level trick shots continue to inspire NERF fans around the world. Michael Ritchie VP, Global Brand Strategy & Marketing

Dizzy Sports Battle 2

Marvel connects with the Dude Perfect crew to challenge Ant Man himself, Paul Rudd, in a good ol' fashioned Dizzy Sports Battle.

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 932 Head Spins

Hunting Stereotypes

Bass Pro challenged the Dude Perfect team to follow up our popular Stereotypes series with a Hunting Stereotypes video featuring one of Bass Pro’s flagship stores.

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 187 Misses
Online and offline—Dude Perfect can activate anywhere and helped bring the Bass Pro Shops brand to the next generation of outdoorsmen and their families John Acosta Director of Marketing – Customer Acquisition

Seahawks Trick Shots

Super Bowl champ Russell Wilson and coach Pete Carroll show off their skills with a football and a pair of drumsticks.

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 637 Footballs Thrown

Traxxas RC Battle

Traxxas and DudePerfect team up to showcase the latest Traxxas RC cars and boats in a battle royale for the ages!

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 390 Wrecks
The Dude Perfect team is passionate about sharing fun with their fans, and they took the fun-factor of Traxxas radio control cars, trucks, boats, and helicopters to an entirely new level. After the RC Battle video launched, received a significant influx of new enthusiasts. Damron Atkins Marketing Manager

Stunt Driving Edition

Fiat and Dude Perfect take it to the next level with a mix of driving and sports stunts.

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 546 Stunts
The custom content created between Dude Perfect and the FIAT brand has generated over 13 million views online to date, proving to be one of our most successful co-branded partnerships. Casey Hurbis Head of Communications,
FIAT Brand North America

Long Drive Trick Shots

To highlight Callaway's new XR driver in a big way, we teamed up with their Long Drive champion Jamie Sadlowski for Long Drive Trick Shots.

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 87 Fruits Destroyed
Dude Perfect Ping Pong Tricks with Pringles

Dude Perfect Ping Pong Tricks with Pringles Ping Pong Trick Shots

Pringles and Dude Perfect teamed up to create the Walmart exclusive, Dude Perfect branded Flavor Slam campaign in 2014 and 2015. Dude Perfect provided online videos, exclusive Facebook content, and social promotion.

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Dude Perfect Video
  • 2,871 Chips Consumed


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