iPhone Game Battle | Dude Perfect 2

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  1. The most complete phone there is.
    Looks Good? Of course.
    Best screen? Yes, its AMOLED but with Apple specified specs.
    Camera? Very awesome.
    Portrait mode? Yes, front and back.
    Good battery life? Yes, 8 hrs of usage time.
    3D Touch? Yes and very useful.
    Best feedback system there is in any smartphone? Hell yes. Nobody does it better than Apple when it comes to vibration feedback in smartphones.
    Face ID? More convenient than Touch ID.
    Face ID fast? Yes, and it works almost all the time.
    The phone feels snappy? Hell yes.
    Best processor? Hell yes.
    Stereo speaker? Yes
    Wireless charging? Yes
    Fast charging? Yes
    Ram? 3GB but it’s good enough for iOS because of a lot of system optimization that Apple does.
    120 Hz Touch input, you have to use the phone to get it.
    No home button? You will never need it once to get used to the new gestures.

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