Submit Your Video! Your Highlight – Dude Perfect

34 Responses to “Submit Your Video! Your Highlight – Dude Perfect”

  1. Matthew lynch

    You guys are the best trickshot ever I wish there were more people like you guys on the internet you guys do the impossible most people think you guys are fake but I don’t think you guys are fake keep up the great work and keep being awesome

  2. Christian

    Where can we post/send you guys videos? I was thinking that you should start a series, or even a segment in “Overtime”, where you show your favorites of trick shots that OTHER people send you guys. I have a few I want to send, but I’m not sure how.

  3. Duke Thomas

    I’ve been trying to send you guys the trick shots I’ve made so they can become popular so I watched a video that had this link in the description and it brought me here. so how do I submit it? Please reply. I have a YouTube channel called The Thomas Bros that I have posted them on but they don’t get much views.

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